Montepulciano, Italia: the walk to the elementary school                                                                   S. Biagio - Montepulciano
Our tourist route begins to the east of the Orcia Valley, specifically from Montepulciano, which lies comfortably on the slopes of the Sasso, one of the many splendid green soft hills of Tuscany, between the Valdichiana and the Val d'Orcia.
Montepulciano is unquestionably an artistic city, a title it takes from its monuments and splendid architecture; from its many paintings, sculptures and terracottas, and from the lovely mediaeval 'borgo', made up of narrow intricate lanes, steep stairways and piazzas which one comes upon unexpectedly.
Legend has it that Montepulciano was an Etruscan settlement built to the orders of King Lars Pors-ena. Historically, it appears for the first time in 715, with the name of Castel Politiano, constantly disputed between Florence and Siena because of its economic and strategic importance.
In 1202 it came within the orbit of Florence, enjoying the autonomy of a free commune, though it often had to defend itself from the depredations of Siena. In 1260 and 1294 it fell into the hands of the Sienese, to whom it remained faithful until 1390.

Am letzten Sonntag im August "Bravio Delle Botti, das Original Herausforderung zwischen den acht Contrade von Montepulciano, Cagnano, Collazzi, Küsten, Gracciano, Poggiolo, San Donato, Talosa und Voltaia, konkurrieren für einen parallelen Tuch Malerei Eichenfässern von mit einem Gewicht von 80 kg entlang einem Pfad erklimmt 1.800 Meter. Die Fässer werden durch diese Männer gesteuert, da "Spingitori" den Pfad des Rennens durch die Straßen von der historischen Altstadt bis Friedhof der Kathedrale in Piazza Grande während. Das Wort kommt "Bravìo" von der vulgäre "Bravium

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