Chiusdino - West of San Galgano in beautiful countryside with interesting old farmhouses, is Chiusdino St Galganos birthplace.

It is a typical hilltop village 564 mt. with a cluster of grey stone houses on narrow steep and winding streets, often with steps and archways.

The simple Romanesque parish church has been extensively modernised. Nearby, in a picturesque little piazza, is the Chapel of the Compagnia with a relief of .St Galgano over the

door by Urbano da Cortona dated 1466.

Nearby is St Galgano's house, with horizontal bands of brick decorating the facade, and the copy of another relief showing the saint in a wood by Giovanni di Agostino.

The original relief and a Madonna and Child by Niccolò di Segna of 1336. together with 12C -13C liturgical objects are kept in the nearby Casa Parrocchiale.

According to the tradition, in this house in 1148 Saint Galgano was born. On the portal, decorated with two brackets, there is the cast of a basrelief representing the "Apparition of Saint Michael

to Saint Galgano". The house hosted for centuries the San Galgano Society. Thereafter, during Napoleonic Age, it was turned in a gaol. In 1901 the Commune gave back to the Society the chapel

, which in 1905 was rebuilt according a Romanesque Renaissance style. In the left corner is walled up a stone on which, according to the legend, Saint Galgano's horse left the print of its knees

when it kneeled in front of Saint Michael: the stone was moved here from its original location, which was along the road between Chiusdino and Ciciano.

How to reach Chiusdino: From Siena Porta san Marco, take direction Rosia and follow for Follonica. In Rosia take directions for Chiusdino.

Where is Chiusdino: is located in the west of Siena province, in the border with the province of Grosseto.

Nearby: Visit San Galgano, Radicondoli, Monticiano

Distances: Siena 30 Km - Florence 80 Km - Pisa 150 Km - Arezzo 90 Km

Correct name is Chiusdino
Common mistakes are Ciusdino, Chiusdigno, Cyusdino


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